If you have known Julie and me for very long, you know that landscape is only a part of our passion. We strive to improve the environment for our clients, but we also have a heart to improve the physical and spiritual lives of people around the world as well. Here are a few ways this happens: 

We currently help support four international missionary families and two campus ministries. 

A minimum of 10% of the revenue of Landform Designs goes to New Heights Church  in Fayetteville where lives are improved locally and around the world. 

We regularly host international students studying at the University of Arkansas from Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, Palestine, and other countries. 

In 2008 I joined a team from New Heights going to Honduras to help build a church building in a poor mountain region. We prayed with, taught sustainable farming techniques to, and delivered supplies to villagers in need. 

While I was a member of Rotary International, I was able to help support fundraising for local charities, host international exchange students, and help facilitate the delivery of food and medical supplies to places around the world. Rotary International’s premier goal is the eradication of polio worldwide.

We enjoy all of these things only because God has given us the abilities, passion, and resources. He gets the Glory!